Biomodd [MEC10]

Natural+artificial+social systems



Reshaping body perception

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#Haplós: CogNovo Project 8

Vibration for body awareness

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#Haplós @ Bizarre Bazaar and ESRC Festival

Public engagement

Talk at Interesting 2016

#Why I’m Making Vibrating Clothing

Talk @ Interesting 2016

Biomodd [LBA2] at MCAD2 -squareish

#Biomodd [LBA2]

Natural+artificial+social systems



Natural+artificial+social systems

Biomodd [NYC4] 2011-2013_central network(02)_photo by Angelo Vermeulen

#Biomodd [NYC4]

Natural+artificial+social systems

Curiosity projects


Innovation & local insight

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#Bisensorial | Hack the Brain

Speculative DIY therapy


#Are networks (becoming) conscious?

Modelling the Internet mind


#Biomodd [LDNw]

Natural+artificial+social systems

Interviewing community members affected by Typhoon Haiyan

#Hope for Haiyan

Assessing damage and needs

Motion capture

#Meaning from Motion

What can movement convey?


#Tangibilizing space

Creating 3D shapes with gestures


#Developing a Financial Literacy Program for Rural Mothers

Educational material design

Ekosi Eksi frame grab

#Ekosi Eksi

An homage to the spine

Updates on my father’s health

My father, Ed Maranan, is a poet, playwright, essayist, activist. His pen has contributed to the wealth of Philippine literature, but today he is ...

Off the Lip 2017: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation

Very happy to announce that the call for Off the Lip 2017: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation is out! This year's theme is ...

Andrew Quitmeyer’s floating community hacker space

I recently got wind of "digital naturalist" Andrew Quitmeyer's project to build a floating community hacker space in the Philippines as part of his ...