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#Haplós: CogNovo Project 8

Vibration for body awareness

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#Haplós @ Bizarre Bazaar and ESRC Festival

Public engagement

Talk at Interesting 2016

#Why I’m Making Vibrating Clothing

Talk @ Interesting 2016


#Are networks (becoming) conscious?

Modelling the Internet mind

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#Bisensorial | Hack the Brain

Speculative DIY therapy

Ekosi Eksi frame grab

#Ekosi Eksi

An homage to the spine

Tallis Festival 2016

I'm excited to sing tomorrow at the Tallis Festival, which is hosted by the Exmoor Singers. We're singing four sacred songs: Striggio's recently ...

CogNovo project updates

Wowsers. It's been almost two years since I posted anything! Well, I've been working on a PhD and I've started keeping a blog for the project. Here ...