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#Haplós: CogNovo Project 8

Vibration for body awareness

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#Haplós @ Bizarre Bazaar and ESRC Festival

Public engagement

Talk at Interesting 2016

#Why I’m Making Vibrating Clothing

Talk @ Interesting 2016


#Are networks (becoming) conscious?

Modelling the Internet mind

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#Bisensorial | Hack the Brain

Speculative DIY therapy

Ekosi Eksi frame grab

#Ekosi Eksi

An homage to the spine

Andrew Quitmeyer’s floating community hacker space

I recently got wind of "digital naturalist" Andrew Quitmeyer's project to build a floating community hacker space in the Philippines as part of his ...

Help support Aida Santos

UPDATE (25 December 2016): Thanks to your good wishes and your support, my mother Aida has had a successful operation, and expresses her ...

Tallis Festival 2016

I'm excited to sing tomorrow at the Tallis Festival, which is hosted by the Exmoor Singers. We're singing four sacred songs: Striggio's recently ...