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Making Toodledo look (a little) like 2Do

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I’ve been using a lovely little program called 2Do on my iPad to keep on top of things. (I’m using a variant of the Getting Things Done system.) 2Do is a feast for the eyes.

But I don’t always want to be typing or thumbing on my iPad. And, sadly, it doesn’t look like there are any plans to create a 2Do web interface. However, 2Do syncs with a service called Toodledo, which does have a web interface. (A very clunky one..)

Fortunately, you can make any website (including Toodledo) look way better using an addon called Stylish. And so I set out trying to duplicate simulate evoke the 2Do interface.

Click here to install the style (and the Stylish addon if you don’t have it yet).

To fully evoke the 2Do look and feel, you should…

  • Use the latest version of Firefox (version 11 and above) or Chrome, or another browser that supports CSS 3 and the Stylish addon.
  • Purchase a pro version of Toodledo so that you can show subtasks. It was about 14 USD a year last time I checked.
  • Set Toodledo to display subtasks as Indented (Show > Subtasks : Indented)

It’s not perfect, but until an official 2Do web client is developed, this will keep me happy. Let me know if you find it useful!

Before styling

After styling

after stylish-ing

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Using Google Sites for project management; synching Google Sites lists with Google Calendar

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I’m a big fan of Google Sites, but it’s not very good for project management. In particular, I’d like to maintain a task list using the List page template, but have it synchronized (or at least uploaded to) a Google Calendar. I wrote my own script for doing just that and adapted Google’s Project Management Template.

This is the site. I’ve made a new version of the template. Here it is.

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Todoist to iCal/GCal Hack

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I love Todoist.com‘s elegant, simple interface and the functionality it offers, and I was desperate to find a way to integrate it with Google Calendar. Though clunky, the method I describe below seems to work. It turns every uncompleted Todoist task with a date associated with it into an all-day event in an iCal-based calendar. It won’t provide you bidirectional sync, but until the Todoist developers provide me a better solution, it works well enough for me.

(Note: The method requires a small amount of knowledge on Yahoo! Pipes and PHP, a Yahoo! account, and access to a server that can serve PHP files.)

  1. Clone this Yahoo! pipe; this pipe turns your Todoist list into an iCal file. (Someone else originally authored the pipe, but the original pipe has disappeared, so I can’t credit the true author. You might notice that the pipe has a 10 am PST [Pacific Standard Time] string hardcoded in; that’s because Yahoo! Pipes doesn’t seem to support all day events. Either that or I couldn’t figure out how to do it, which is more than likely! So for now let’s temporarily set every Todoist item to start at 10 am. But don’t worry; we alter the time of the event through PHP later on.)
  2. You’ll need to enter your Todoist API key somewhere in the pipe. Instructions on where exactly to do this are in the pipe’s description. You an get your Todoist API key by clicking Preference -> Account in Todoist.
  3. Grab the URL of the resulting iCal calendar, as shown in the screenshot below. Click to see a larger version of the image. Make sure to right-click the iCal option and copy the link.
  4. Open a text editor and type in the following lines of PHP, and paste the URL you obtained from step 3 where it says xxxx:
    $data = ‘xxxx‘;
    $data = file_get_contents($data);

    print str_replace(‘T180000Z’, ”, $data);

    What this does is remove the start time and end time associated with each event, turning it into a whole day item.
  5. Save the file as .php and upload it to a PHP-capable webserver.
  6. Get the the URL of your php file and add it to your list of GCal calendars by clicking Other Calendars > Add > Add by URL.

If everything turns out well, you should see your Todoist items appearing as whole day events in your new calendar, as shown below:

As I said, it ain’t elegant, but it’s better than nothing! This means that I have unidirectional offline access to Todoist, which is good enough for me… for now.

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