My Vancouver (a.k.a. Vancouver for cheap)

While visitors can probably get a lot of useful information from the Tourism Vancouver website, here’s my own collection of the things that I’ve liked to see and do in Vancouver. This guide maps out some of the stuff that’s a bit more hidden away (and cheaper than what’s available downtown!). It’s a tribute to the Vancouver I know and love.

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I currently live on Victoria Drive, south of 33rd, and I’m pretty floored by the number of food options available in my area. I was told that our area and Chinatown are where many Asians go for cheap produce and eats. Boy, were they ever right. Here are some of the things I would like to do in my part of town:

  • Try the all-you-can-eat Thai lunch on Saturdays at Sweet Chili Cafe for $12.95
  • Try the fish and chips ($4.95), fish pakora, and butter chicken at La Tandoori
  • Have more pozole ($8.95) and try the other Mexican entrees and the Dominican Republic drinks at El Caracolito, and pupusas at El Caracol
  • $0.85 sushi after 8 pm, Mondays-Thursdays, at ikkyu ramen ten
  • Have $1.00 pizza at FreshSlice on Tuesdays
  • Go for gelato at Nishiki Sushi

Do you have any tucked-away places that you would recommend to Vancouver visitors? Leave a comment below!

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