#Biomodd [LBA2]

Natural+artificial+social systems

Biomodd is an art project that integrates cross-cultural dialogue, ecology and technology while encouraging innovative collaboration. Biomodd [LBA2] was the second iteration of this project, and was created in the Philippines between February and October 2009. Its aim was to come up with a locally created art installation that would literally fuse a living ecosystem with a modified computer network. The final result was a monumental wood and glass “sculpture” that contained a system of recycled computers intertwined with an aquaponics system, and a multiplayer art game enabling visitors to directly interact with the piece. At this moment other versions are independently being developped throughout the Philippines, turning Biomodd into a true “open source art work”. We exhibited the first version of this installation in two venues: the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna, and at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Manila. Since then, more versions have built by different groups of people as part of open sourcing of Biomodd. Our team has documented the project extensively on our website, www.biomodd.net.

Angelo Vermeulen started the Biomodd project; Angelo and I co-led Biomodd [LBA2] . Since 2010, we’ve been exploring a new format for the Biomodd project: apart from building complex large-scale versions, people learn the basics of green case modding in a period of one to two weeks in Biomodd Workshops. Angelo and I worked conducted one in Slovenia as part of the KIBLIX and MFRU art festivals, while Angelo (who became a TED Fellow in 2010 in part of this work on Biomodd) conducted Biomodd workshops in Belgium and New Zealand.

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