#I’m Sorry Because It’s Useful

Apology Grove + Lumarca

I’m Sorry Because It’s Useful was an experimental performance that linked the theme of remorse with climate change, environmental justice, and the actions of mining companies in the developing world. The piece was a performance at Interplay Projects on June 2, 3, and 4 at the Moberly Art and Cultural Centre. The performance uses data taken from the Apology Grove, and a low-cost 3D-display system called Lumarca,  originally developed by Albert Hwang and Matt Parker.

A potions of the proceeds from the performance of this work at Interplay Projects went towards supporting Salamin at Maskara (“Mirror and Mask” ), two community-based theater youth groups in the Philippines organised by WeDpro, a non-profit collective in the Philippines that protects human rights by defending the rights of women, youth and their communities.

Additional collaborators: Donna Miranda, Mark Gilbore
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