Help! We need a name for a project!

I’ve been working with WeDpro to put together a proposal for a project for the National Endowment for Democracy, and while we’ve been successful at putting together the actual content, we can’t think of an evocative, catchy working title for the project!! We need your help!

Some keywords are: human rights, democracy, Philippines, women, youth, discrimination, marginalization, exploitation, oppression, expression, creativity, communication, leadership, advocacy, Angeles City, Olongapo City.

To give you an idea, here’s the introduction of the proposal:

The proposed project aims to empower marginalized women and youth in two sites in the Philippines through three linked strategies: enhancing their awareness of and reflectiveness around human rights and democratic processes; supporting their ability to creatively communicate their lived experiences; and capacitating their ability to speak on and advocate for human rights and democratic processes within and outside their respective communities. Each strategy is translated into specific objectives that are tangible and measurable; each objective is defined by a set of activities. Ultimately, the project aims to enable marginalized youth to tell their stories and communicate how their rights-claiming posture has helped them overcome their difficulties, in the hope of inspiring others.

In consultation with local community leaders and school administrators, WeDpro would selected  a total of 30 women leaders, out-of-school, and in-school youth from urban poor communities in two cities—Olongapo City in the province of Zambales, and Angeles City in the province of Pampanga— to participate in discussions and guided reflections around human rights. Twenty individuals would then be selected to participate in storytelling and digital media creation workshops which would enable them to express their experiences of human rights violations and communicate how their rights-claiming posture have helped them overcome their difficulties, in the hope of inspiring others. A leaders’ pool would be developed from among the participants; they would be capacitated to do speaking tours in the project sites and other areas in the National Capital Region to bring the message of why it is important to defend human rights and democratic processes.



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