Vangie: The Pinoy Siri

My good friend, filmmaker Waise Azimi, shared this article about the making of the YouTube video, Vangie: The Pinoy Siri. I’m stoked to know that he’s part of the production company, Gung Ho Films Manila, that made this hilarious viral work. In a little over three days, the first video of the series had gotten over 1.3 million hits. I can’t stop watching it, particularly the bits about secret lovers and about making Filipino pasta sauce .

MAN: Vangie, call my girlfriend.
VANGIE: Girlfriend? Weh.
MAN: Yes.
VANGIE: Yes?! Yes ka diyan! Hello! Boom pak, confeermed! Kasama mo kaya si Jun-jun kahapon! Magkaholding hands kayo! Nagkiss pa nga kayo, e!

WOMAN: “How much sugar do I put?”
VANGIE: “Ubusin mo na yan! Ayan. Tapos lagyan mo ng …. ketchup. Taktak mo pa yung ketchup. Taktak mo pa! Lagyan mo ng hatdog! Tapos paghalu-haluin mo lang yan, pasok na sa banga!! O diba masaya? Sarap!”

In the the interview, the folks at Gung Ho discussed the “not so subtle messages” embedded in the Vangie videos. “Fix your (own) life,” Vangie instructs. Instead of doing your bidding, Vangie might decide to crack the whip, forcing you to take personal responsibility for your needs and your actions. Need someone to interpret a weather forecast for you? Do it yourself. Are you cheating on your partner? Better come clean. Are you in the closet? Try coming out. (Incidentally, the actor who plays Makati-type guy in the closet is super cute.)

Incidentally, my brilliant friend and anthropologist Pamela Cajilig just wrote a sharp analysis of the Vangie videos and how they address locality, technology, and power relations in the Philippine context.

Here are the Vangie videos so far.

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