#Tangibilizing communication

Exhibit at Proof-of-Process

As a visiting researcher with DPrime Research—a group that specializes in cultural production informed by the intersection of technology, research and the arts—I participated in Proof-of-Process, a group show. Proof-of-Process was a prototype for a community-based research laboratory. It consists of a series of a hybrid exhibitions, workshops and symposia where participants, along with artists-researchers, can interact with and collaborate on, the development of science and technology-based artworks and research projects in various stages of development – all within a publicly accessible laboratory and production workshop set-up in the gallery space.

My contribution was a 3D volumetric visualization (using Lumarca) of the messages being passed back and forth between the various installations in the exhibit and user interactions with them. These visualizations were paired with musical sounds that gave gallery visitors a visual and auditory sense of the information exchanges.

Carlos Castellanos, Steven Barnes, Tyler Fox, Yin He, and I all had pieces in the show. I led the design of a communication protocol (using Open Sound Control) between each of the pieces. My piece used the Lumarca display and a MIDI-driven keyboard to output the information as well as create input for the other pieces in the show.

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