Biomodd [NYC4] fundraising

Learn about and support Biomodd [NYC4]‘s Indiegogo campaign! Only 60 15 hours left!

Help support the fourth and latest version of Biomodd! Biomodd is an art installation that brings plants, computers, electronics and people together – all working harmoniously with one another. We’ve built a few different major versions in the past.

Biomodd [ATH1]
Athens, Ohio, USA (2007)

Biomodd [LBA2]
Los Banos, Philippines (2009)

Biomodd [TUDelft3]
Delft, Belgium (2010)

Typically, the installations have:

… refurbished computers that are cooled by algae… … the algae are then cooled by a tank filled with tropical fish…. … the fish water is used to nourish plants growing alongside the computers… …and plants flourish because of the heat of the computers… …while the computers run a video game.

We’re working on new version in New York. (We were recently featured on Huffington Post and Wired! Yay!) But we still need help funding the project! We’ve put up an Indiegogo campaign to fund three new goals we want for the project:

  1. Make Biomodd more sustainable. We’d like to use a more extended photovoltaic system. This means Biomodd will be powered by more solar energy and rely less on the grid.
  2. Support urban agriculture and e-waste re-use. We’re working with local immigrant families in Queens through Immigrant Movement International.
  3. Use robotic caretakers for the window gardens. Biomodd was initiatiated by senior TED Fellow artist and biologist Angelo Vermeulen, who is working with NASA to test out robotic caretakers for gardens that could potentially be grown during space missions.

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