Kinect and Arduino workshop in Manila

This landed in my inbox this morning:

Dear friends and colleagues,

This week we are conducting a 9-day workshop on creative coding for artists and creative people interested in using current technology for their projects.

This 9 day workshop will introduce coding to artists who want to incorporate programming into their work, starting with basic elements of the Processing language and moving into topics including 3d modeling, using peripheral devices like the Kinect and Arduino, data visualization, computer vision/sensors & interactivity, and generative art inspired from nature, statistics, biology, and computer science.

We will also work on projection mapping techniques, and filmmakers and visual artists are invited to bring content and a concept, and we will help set up the tech for installing it.

More info here:

For interested applicants, please register here:

On a related note, my LeapMotion order is about to ship! Getting excited about that. Here’s what it’s all about:

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