Innovation & local insight

I’ve made a positive impact on thousands of lives through Curiosity, the design strategy firm I co-founded in the Philippines in 2012. Curiosity helps businesses, NGOs & the government create meaningful services by drawing on local insight:

  • We designed a numeracy-based educational program for rural poor mother-learners that resulted in a 200% increase in understanding of financial literacy & math concepts. The program was co-created with the women based on their everyday financial problems involving fundamental math arithmetic skills.
  • We improved community-based primary care service in the country by helping a chain of low-cost clinics create a range of services based on health-seeking strategies within family, gender & community dynamics.
  • In response to typhoon Haiyan, we facilitated the design of gender-sensitive shelters & identified critical strategies to address violence against women & children (VAWC). We worked with women architects & disaster specialists to develop an interactive forum where female residents can learn to build better homes & address their concerns involving childcare, household management & other responsibilities. We led design workshops with the Department of Social Welfare & Development, the national police, and village officials & volunteers to address VAWC in spite lacking government infrastructure.

We’re still running and making an impact with new projects, partnerships & clients!

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