#Haplós: CogNovo Project 8

Vibration for body awareness

I am using neuroscience and a body awareness technique—the Feldenkrais Method—to design a wearable device that makes people more aware of their bodies and improve the way they feel, called Haplós. Haplós uses vibrational patterns along the muscles that connect to the spine to constructively hack the sensorimotor system. These patterns are quite musical. I call these patterns “tactile vibrational compositions”. Tactile vibrational compositions are interesting, pleasurable, and draw attention to your own body. They can be tailored to individual needs & preferences. The workshops that I’ve run show that these patterns can improve the way people perceive their bodies. Even better and what is particularly groundbreaking is that Haplós can be controlled by a computer or mobile phone across the Web, so you can interact with anyone remotely. Haplós is not a massage device; it’s a body awareness learning aid.

A hack based on Haplós won 1st place out of 11 projects at Hack the Brain, a hackathon in Amsterdam organised by industry, arts, and science institutions. You can read more about it here.

Haplós was developed as part of CogNovo, an EU-funded interdisciplinary research programme at Plymouth University involving psychology, interactive & creative arts, cognitive neuroscience, the humanities, computing science, and robotics.

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