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Speculative DIY therapy

Hack the Brain 2016 | Diego Maranan from HackTheBrain-Hub on Vimeo.

Hack the Brain 2016 | Mini Movie from HackTheBrain-Hub on Vimeo.

Bisensorial is a hack which won 1st place out of 11 projects at Hack the Brain, a hackathon in Amsterdam organised by industry, arts, and science institutions. Bisensorial is based on my current project, Haplós, a wearable technology that plays vibrational patterns along the muscles that connect to the spine to constructively hack the sensorimotor system. Bisensorial is a working proof-of-concept of a wearable tech for inducing desired mental states. It uses vibrations and musical fragments to, say, calm the wearer. The vibrations and music evolve in response to brain readings taken by an EEG device. It’s a leading example of how artists, scientists, and industry can collaborate to create transformative technologies.

Bisensorial was created over 2.5 days with a team composed of CogNovian Agi Haines, a speculative designer; Jack Fletcher (another CogNovian), a computational neuroscientist; UK-based film composer Sean Clarke; Utrecht-based fashion designer Kim Jansen; and science communicator Ricardo Mutuberria. The prototype was modelled by artist Esther Levigne.

58 artists, scientists, and developers participated at Hack the Brain. Prizes were awarded based on the projects’ artistic value, scientific merit, and commercial potential.

A glimpse of our creative process!

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