#Tangibilizing space

Creating 3D shapes with gestures

In 2011-2012, I did a series of explorations of using an exceedingly clever, low-cost, volumetric (3D) display originally designed by Albert Hwang as Wiremap and made even more usable as Lumarca by Albert along with Matt Parker and Elliott Woods. Here’s a quick demo of some experiments I did with using the Nintento Wiimote to track the gestures of a hand:

I was experimenting with the idea of being able to create virtual objects and manipulate their properties using intuitive hand gestures. In the video above, I’m demonstrating how I can manipulate the size and position of a virtual sphere with my fingers, and change the colour based on shaking properties. (Remember, this was just before the Leap Motion was released!) My goal at the time was to try to visually communicate ‘somatic’ experience to other people. I talked about this in this poster I presented at the 6th Annual IRMACS day:

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