Stirring things up at SIAT: Planning and coordinating social events for the Graduate Student Association

Karaoke in Brasov 2Some of the most remarkable conversations don’t happen in the conference room or during a lecture; they happen at a pub after the fourth pitcher of beer, or during a Saturday afternoon picnic. Brilliant ideas can take shape during our unguarded moments. While everyone knows this, I take it very seriously, which is why I volunteered to be the Social Events Coordinator for the Graduate Student Society. :) I do like partying, but mostly because I love gluing people and ideas together until something unexpected happens.

It’s also during social situations that grievances can often be aired and solutions subsequently offered. Enough said.

With fellow grad student Laura Lee Cole, I organized the annual SIAT GSA Summer BBQ in June. It went really well; the sun cooperated enthusiastically, which made all the difference. This fall, I have two events I want to organize at least a couple of things:

  • Aquatic Recreation & Goofing Hour is a twice-a-week dedicated hour that I am advertising to everyone in the school to go to the aquatic facility at the North Surrey Recreation Centre. (Learn more about it.)
  • Because I have a Magic Sing Mic, organizing regular Karaoke Nights seems to be the only logical thing to do! My Magic Sing has about 2000 songs built in. Woohoo! I’m not sure if I’ll organize victuals for that; I think I’ll encourage fellow grads to bring their own food and drink.

But part of building a healthy community is empowering other people to plan events. So as the socials coordinator, I am also happy to support any social event that any grad student wants to organize. If you’re a grad student with an idea, get in touch with me!

GSA social events calendar

The iCal feed for this calendar is available here. You can also add this calendar to your own calendar system by clicking the +Google Calendar icon on the lower right hand side of the calendar.

Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust.

– Stephen Covey

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