#Ekosi Eksi

An homage to the spine

Ekosi Eksi is an homage to the bony vertebrae of the spine, and to the skin, muscle, fascia that surround it. Influenced by the phenomenon of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) and ASMR artists, the film is also an experiment in using the combination of sound and the moving image to create bodily responses specifically localised in the spine of audience members.

I directed, produced, and performed in the film along with Christos Melidis, Jacqui Knight, and Klara Lucnik as part of the CogNovo Scientific Methodologies workshop. Ekosi Eksi has screened at Mergecology, a curation of choreography by Plymouth choreographers organised by SpinDrift Dance Collective at the Barbican Theatre; and Trans(m)it Film Festival.

Concept: Klara ŁucznikDiego MarananJacqui KnightChristos Melidis
Performers: Coralie Pearl Valentyn, Emily Bussey, Nivana, Christos MelidisDiego MarananKlara Łucznik

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