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UPDATE (25 December 2016): Thanks to your good wishes and your support, my mother Aida has had a successful operation, and expresses her gratitude in this video. We’ve raised about 686K PHP from your donations, which will go towards surgery costs, post-operative recovery procedures, and other medical expenses (for her other conditions) for the next six months, during which time she will have to take leave from her nonprofit work and activism so she can take a much-earned rest. Happy Christmas everyone, and enjoy the last leg of 2016. With humility and gratitude.

UPDATE (11 December 2016): Thank you so much for all the support that you have been giving to Aida/my mother. Good news, our immediate target is no longer php1,000,000. Because of friends who have referred doctors and hospitals, she was able to have her angiogram at a reduced rate last Friday, 9 December 2016 at the Philippine Heart Center. Her doctors advised her to proceed with the angioplasty. But because of the shortage of funds, this was held off. So far we have collected about Php200,000. Of this, close to php70,000 was spent for Aida’s confinement at Providence Hospital, php50000 for the angiogram at the Philippine Heart Center and about php20,000 for other medicines and similar expenses. While there is a remaining php60000, this is not enough to cover the reduced cost of her angioplasty, estimated at php250000 at least. So that Aida can proceed with the operation, we need to raise at least php125000 or 50 per cent downpayment. We are hoping to raise this amount as we target Tuesday, 13 December 2016 for her operation. Please note that there are so patients at the Heart Center, being a public hospital. But it would be such a relief if Aida manages to complete this — hopefully—without any complications before Christmas. Thank you so much.

Recently, my mother—who is one of the heroes of my life (and, setting all modesty aside, of democracy and human rights in the Philippines, along with many committed activists who resisted the Marcos dictatorship)—just had a major heart attack in the Philippines.

Because healthcare costs in the Philippines are notoriously high, her friends and colleagues have set up Facebook community page advertising a fundraising target of 1M PHP (approx US $20,100) that she needs for her bypass. You can read more about why my mother is worth fundraising for in this GoFundMe campaign that one of her friends has set up for her.

If you would like to help out, the fact that you’re even considering donating is so touching. Any amount is appreciated. Really.  :) And if you can’t help out financially, just post a message on her community board; she’ll appreciate the fact that you’re thinking about her!

I’ve presented different currency options because if you can send in one of the currencies below, it’ll minimise currency conversion fees. Unless you want to remain anonymous, please contact the organisers of the fundraising campaign so that we can properly keep track of your donation.

Bank transfer/wire PayPal Online
PHP ₱ UCPB – 201340009948 (Peso Current) or Bank of the Philippine Islands – 4259032488 (Peso Savings) Ma. Nina Lourdes Somera. Once you have deposited, please contact the organisers of the fundraising campaign Philippine peso Paypal
CAD $ Canadian dollar PayPal INTERAC transfer to my email
GBP £ UK bank details British pound PayPal
USD $ GoFundMe campaign
(NB: takes 5% of your donation)

From the bottom of my heart, I and nanay’s friends and colleagues thank everyone who has already donated to her cause. Your help has been invaluable. And to those who are considering donating, maraming salamat po.

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  1. ting says:

    You may try getting a guarantee letter from DOH to help with the hospital bills if she is in a gov’t hospital. If in a private hospital, DOH can give you an endorsement letter to PCSO to facilitate processing of medical assistance. Hope this helps.

  2. Irma de castro says:

    I will be depositing 1k thru bpi acct. tomorrow. Hope this small amount could help save her. God bless..

  3. Gabriela Briazu says:

    Diego, Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure to meet your mum but I have met you at one of Cognovia’s Open days when I have seen how hard you work, how extremely creative and what a nice person you are. I do hope and pray your mum will get the help she needs and that she will get better and will be here for long, long time. Best of luck and be strong! My best wishes and prayers go her way and your way too. Hope that people will donate even if a little to help. It is the best to show consideration to people who so much deserve it!

    • diego says:

      Dear Gabriela, thank you so much for your kind words; I wish I had gotten a chance to talk to you after all the great things I’ve heard about you. You’ve raised an absolutely amazing daughter and I’m proud to call her my friend and colleague. I hope this finds you well!

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