Biomodd [MEC10]

Natural+artificial+social systems

Biomodd [MEC10] is the 10th major iteration of Biomodd a multifaceted socially engaged art installation that finds meaningful relationships between biology, computers and people. On the most basic level, Biomodd creates symbiotic relationships between plants and computers, and ignites conversations among the community around them. Biomodd is an ongoing series of temporally limited experiments each of which has been developed together with local and international participants. Biomodd is a project of the Space, Ecologies, Art and Design, an international network of artists, scientists, designers, engineers, and activists who are prototyping through the future through critical, hands-on experimentation.

I co-facilitated Biomodd [MEC10] with Pieter Steyaert As a collaborative project between artists, designers, hackers, gamers, environmental activists and other creative makers from Mechelen and the surrounding area, Biomodd [MEC10] forms part of the digital arts festival Dodonaeus.

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