An anthropology of new media in the Philippines

The Institute of Philippine Culture at Ateneo de Manila University recently published anthropologist Raul Pertierra’s 235-page ethnographic study of “new media” (here, he means mostly Web 2.0 and mobile technologies) in the Philippines. The book is being published under an Open Access policy, so it’s free to download.

I worked as a research assistant for Raul in 2009 as part of this publication project. What I really wanted to do but never got around to doing because of other restrictions on my time was to collect quantitative data from internet cafes using specialized software and using visual analytics tools to examine trends and patterns in Web usage. If I don’t get around to doing this, I hope someone does!

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  1. Carole Diamante says:

    I read Dr. Pertierra’s article and I loved it. Thanks for doing doing a research on this such a volatile a topic. However, on page 11-12, Renato Malay’s article on PDI was cited. I went to the Reference section and found that Renato Malay was omitted on the list. Why so?

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