Eating out and shopping: a slightly more eco-friendly approach

So after having gone to too many restaurants and ended up taking home food in non-reusable containers or containers with limited re-use value, or suddenly had to go grocery shopping and ended up using more plastic bags than I really want to, I’m putting together a pouch that I will always with me anytime I’m out and about the city:

  • 1 collapsible food container (a set of three bought from ebay for about 2 CAD + shipping)
  • 1 collapsible travel mug (again from ebay, for 2 CAD + shipping… but it’s a tiny mug. It’s more like a glorified shot glass. Mountain Equipment Co-op carries a collapsible Fairshare mug for fairly cheap.)
  • 1 pair chopsticks
  • 1 cloth or nylon grocery bag
  • 2 plastic bags, tightly folded
  • 2 resealable bags
  • 5 bulk items plastic bags (so I can shop for nuts and seeds in bulk, with less guilt)

At the same time, I’m reducing the amount that I buy in the first place. I get my shoes and bags repaired before buying “new” ones—which are almost never new anyway, since I get them from garage sales and thrift stores. It’s actually probably time for me to invest in a good, sturdy pair of boots that will last me many years. Boots have nothing to do with eating out, but  I couldn’t fit the topic into anything else on my blog.


  • The collapsible containers were bigger than I thought, which isn’t so bad. What is kind of disconcerting though is how the lid leaves a blue stain on food that contains oil!!

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