Internet penetration and social media statistics for the Philippines

I’m helping edit a proposal for a small grant from Rising Voices to fund a digital storytelling project by WeDpro for marginalized, urban poor youth from the two largest former US bases in the Philippines (many of whom experienced and continue to experience abuse and sexual exploitation). Part of the proposal requires requires us to provide a context for the use of social media in the Philippines so that we can make a claim about the utility of sharing their stories in a digital format and through social media networks, so I’m been trying to wrap my mind around Internet penetration in the Philippines. The data is out there, for sure, but it’s scattered in different places. Here’s my attempt to consolidate as many data sources as I can:

  • According to the Manila Bulletin, TNS reported in June, 2011, that 11 million Filipinos access the Internet daily
  • Internet World Stats claim that they aggregate data taken from other sources (many of them listed below). However, the source of the figures are not attributed in detail. They also include summaries and reports that sound authoritative but whose provenance is unclear. They also list fail to statistics for Facebook usage in the Philippines.
  • keeps a dynamically updated database of Facebook usage statistics. You can control the granularity of your view of changes in Facebook statistics, from the last 6 months to the previous week. I haven’t looked into how they are able to do it, but they ooze authority. Their statistics indicate that the Philippines is the 5th largest user of Facebook in terms of absolute numbers. Interestingly enough, the Facebook populations of many Commonwealth countries (namely Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom) appear to be shrinking.
  • The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is the United Nations’ ICT agency, and publishes statistics on ICT use.
  • The Asia Pacific report observes that “across [Asia-Pacific] markets, the Philippines showed the highest penetration of social networking usage with more than 90 percent of its entire Web population visiting a social networking site during the month, followed by Australia (89.6 percent penetration) and Indonesia (88.6 percent penetration)”. Their data also shows the users in the Philippines spent the most amount of time (332 minutes, compared to the Asia Pacific average of 148 minutes) on social network sites. The data was collected from responses about using the computer at home and at work, and does not reflect Internet use from Internet cafes and on mobile devices.
  • Yehey! has published an infographic that visualizes some statistics aggregated from sources include Comscore and Yahoo! The 18-35 age bracket has grown 184% over the past 3 months in the Philippines.  (Thanks to for summarizing the contents of the graphic. I was, indeed, too lazy to parse the graphic which was so pretty to look at, it was almost unreadable.)


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    You can check out where changed in Philippine stats on Social media are being monitored.

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