Vancouver Dance + Theatre+ Technology Meetup

I’d like to organize I organized a dinner/networking night(s) of some sort for the wonderfully creative and experienced Vancouver dance and theatre professional artists that I’ve known/worked with to meet the super smart and skilled digital technology and new media specialists/artist-scholars that I’ve also known/worked with. (If you feel that you already belong in both artsy and techie camps, fabulous.)

UPDATE: The meetup happened on March 5, 7-9pm, at the Birmingham Studio of the Scotiabank Dance Centre (on the corner of Davie and Granville, downtown). The website for the event is here (access by invitation only), where people can post short profiles of what they do and are interested in. We also set up a Facebook group. I wrote about the meetup in another post.

Why should you be interested?

Because maybe one day you can end up working together, which might mean expanding your current artistic and technical practice, building your CV, having oodles more fun, and (very importantly) perhaps even leveraging funding sources.

Professional Vancouver theatre and dance artists…

  • Have invested heavily and consistently in artistic processes and in the experience of performance;
  • Have established a broad network of audiences, supporters, and fellow artists in the city;
  • Know all the many performance and exhibition venues AND the people that run them;
  • Know about and are eligible for government-funded and private arts grants;
  • Have experience in applying for these grants;
  • Throw the best frickin’ parties.

Digital technology and new media specialists/artist-scholars…

  • Deeply understand the concerns of creative process, since many make art themselves, too;
  • Can use and understand fancy terms like “tangible computing”, “wearable technology”, and “interactive robotics”;
  • Can actually MAKE the things that the fancy terms refer to;
  • Can articulate ideas on art-making based on perspectives from the sciences, applied sciences, design, architecture, and social sciences;
  • Know about and are eligible for other types of funding;
  • Are the wildest lot at any party.


Send me an email ( or join the Facebook group and I’ll send out an announcement soon.

Know someone who might be interested?

Tell me about them.  :)

Not interested?

Maybe this would interest you more: I’d eventually also like to link up dance/theatre/new media artists, scholars, and activists who practice in Canada with those who practice in the Philippines. Maybe even from around the Pacific Rim. Travel opportunities! If this interests you, drop me a line, too, just to say, “Hey, Diego. That’s interesting. Keep me in the loop.”

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