A step in the right direction

Yesterday, I forgot/ignored the fact that the weekly TechSocial meet organized by Chris Demwell and his peers was happening the fabulous at Okonomi Sushi near Columbia station . I had a good excuse (or so I think): I had to look at an apartment at Fraser @ 43rd because my roommate and I have to move out of our current place by April. But without thinking, I suggested to my roommate that we go to Okonomi for dinner, where of course I bumped into the TechSocial folks. If I was trying to keep a low profile, I wasn’t doing a very good job of doing it. I fumbled awkwardly for a bit before Chris gave me a graceful way out by obliging me to update the group : I hadn’t accomplished what I said I would do, but I did submit a paper for the AAAI conference. Also, I started building my Lumarca system. Well, I bought the materials for building it. And I chose ultra-cheap, flimsy materials to work with because I wanted to do a quick and dirty prototype first and get a feel for the system. Chris was encouraging. “It’s a step in the right direction,” he said.

Tonight, I took a few more steps. I put together the frame. Tadaaa!

OK, it looks REALLY flimsy. But I just wanted to get the ball rolling. And I’m only building a super quick and dirty prototype first. There’s more to come, and I have big (Biomodd-inspired) plans for what to do with it when I build a new and better version of the frame.


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