First VTDT meetup

The (first) Vancouver Theatre + Dance + Technology meetup took place last night at the Birmingham Studio of the Dance Centre. There were sixteen people in the space altogether, and though it would have been even better with slightly more people from the theatre/dance community, it was the perfect size for the focused and interesting discussions we had:

  • Melanie Kuxdorf reported on the project that the group she was involved in was doing with other artists from Winnipeg and NYC, related to the idea of information loss through transmission.
  • Sara Coffin is putting together an evening length dance work based on themes taken from social networking.
  • Nita Bowerman talked about her work in costuming and her interest in incorporating digital technology into her practice.
  • Chao Feng mentioned an implementation of a swarm of particles that a live performer could interact with during his previous course of study/practice in China.
  • Aaron Levisohn talked about his research in using technology to share the experience of the moving body.
  • Greg Corness explained his work creating an artificial musical agent that would interact with dancers by audibly breathing in order to cue the dancers on how the next musical phrase was going to sound.
  • Kristin Carlson was one the few present who lies right snack on the border of technology and dance; she talked about the process of exploring the creative processes underlying the act of choreography by applying genetic algorithms to various formal aspects of movement. She and visual artist and technology specialist Vicky Moulder are actively looking for participants for their projects; Vicky has a link to her fabulous body of work on the VTDT website.
  • Two of the group are actually more UBC affiliated, which was great: Even is a recent PhD grad who is seeking to build computer vision tools that will make it easy for artists to use this very useful technique, while Dan Anderson has worked on kinetic sculptures such as a large scale rotating windmill-like structure with LED lights that create interesting patterns. I wish I could restate all the other things that people talked about! We had many and long discussions among ourselves in groups of various sizes.

The website for the event is here (access by invitation only), where people can post short profiles of what they do and are interested in. We also set up a Facebook group.

(For people who would rather not join the FB group but would like to be informed of postings, there is a read-only Google mailing list that they can subscribe to which archives the posts on FB. To announce something to the group, please log into FB using with a password you can obtain from me.)

One last promotional thing: Sara Coffin is performing with her collective, SINS Dance, as part of the Vancouver International Dance Festival, so check it out!

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