As an artist, researcher, and educator, I use technology to understand and improve our relationship with our bodies. My current project is creating vibrating clothing that stimulates your body & that you can control with a mobile phone. Using neuroscience research and mind-body educational and therapeutic methods, the technology (called Haplós, the Filipino word for “caress”) aims to enhance awareness of the body and positively transforms how people think and feel about themselves.

I am passionate about bringing together art, science, and technology for positive change. I am an Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines Open University’s Faculty of Information and Communication Studies; advise for Curiosity, a design strategy firm in Manila that has impacted thousands of lives; co-founded Space, Ecology, Art, and Design, a global network of individuals working in art, science, engineering & advocacy; advise for WeDpro, an NGO that protects women & youth in the Philippines against all forms of violence.




Journal articles

    Presentations in published conference proceedings

    Book chapters

    • Vermeulen, A., & Maranan, D. (2010). Biomodd as Paradox. In S. Engelen & M. Wynants (Eds.), We Can Change the Weather: 100 Cases in Energy Efficacy to Start Doing So (pp. 22–23). Brussels: Asp / Vubpress / Upa.

    Conference presentations

    • Trice, J. N., & Maranan, D. S. (2008, November). Cinemaspace, Cyberspace: Mapping the Philippine Moving Image. Presented at the State of Independence: 5th Annual Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference, Manila, Philippines.
    • Subyen, P., Maranan, D. S., Schiphorst, T., & Pasquier, P. (2010, September). Mapping, Meaning and Motion: Designing Abstract Visualization of Movement Qualities. Presented at the Digital Resources for the Humanities & Arts 2010: Sensual Technologies – Collaborative Practices of Interdisciplinarity, Brunel University, UK.
    • Maranan, D. S. (2011, March). Biomodd: an interactive and collaborative art project that integrates nature and technology. Talk presented at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology Graduate Research Colloquium, Simon Fraser University, Canada.
    • Librero, A. F., Maranan, D. S., & Vermeulen, A. (2011, September). Biomodd: A Case Study In Combining Online Learning With On-Site New Media Art Practice. Penang, Malaysia.
    • Subyen, P., Carlson, K., Maranan, D. S., & Schiphorst, T. (2013). Recognizing Movement Qualities: Mapping LMA Effort Factors to Visualization of Movement. Presented at the Beautiful Dance Moves: Mapping Movement, Technology & Computation Workshop: 9th ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition, Sydney, Australia.
    • Maranan, D. S. (2013, October). Structural Illusion From Embodied Motion: Perceiving Technological Metaphors in Dance Movement. Talk presented at the 4th Congress of the ASEAN Union of Psychological Societies (ARUPS) and the 50th Annual Convention of the Psychological Association of the Philippines, Miriam College, Quezon City, Philippines.
    • Cajilig, P., & Maranan, D. S. (2013, October). Negotiating Misalignments at the Intersection of Design and Anthropology in Social Innovation Research. Presented at Rethinking and Remaking Forms of Knowledge: The Critical Work of Anthropology, Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines.
    • Cajilig, P., & Maranan, D. S. (2015, September). Creativity as Correspondence in Humanitarian Engagement. Talk presented at the Off the Lip, Plymouth University, UK.
    • Maranan, D. S. (2015, July). From Within to Between. Talk presented at the The Undivided Mind, Plymouth University, UK.

    Creative work


    • Barnes, S. K., Castellanos, C., Fox, T., He, Y., & Maranan, D. (2012, June). Proof-of-Process. Exhibit/Interactive installation, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, Canada.
    • Biomodd [NYC4] Team. (2012). Biomodd [NYC4]. Exhibit/Interactive installation presented at the ReGeneration at the New York Hall of Science, New York, USA. Retrieved from http://www.diegomaranan.com/?portfolio=biomodd-nyc4
    • Maranan, D. S. (2016, October). Haplós: Tactile vibratory feedback for facilitating somaesthetic and embodied cognitive experience. Exhibit/public engagement event presented at the Bizarre Bazaar, Plymouth University, UK.
    • Maranan, D. S., Haines, A., Fletcher, J., & Clarke, S. (2016, July). Bisensorial: A brain-computer interface hack using tactile and auditory stimuli. Exhibit presented at the Cognition Institute Conference 2016, Plymouth University, UK. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/10026.1/5085
    • Maranan, D. S., Vermeulen, A., & Geeraert, N. (2010, November). Biomodd [MRBw]. Exhibit/Interactive installation presented at the KIBLIX Art Festival and International Computer Arts Festival, Maribor, Slovenia.
    • Subyen, P., Maranan, D. S., Schiphorst, T., & Pasquier, P. (2010, October). Paint With Your Efforts. Exhibit/Interactive installation presented at the E-mixer 2010, Surrey Arts Centre, Surrey, BC, Canada. Retrieved from http://www.diegomaranan.com/?portfolio=paint-with-your-efforts-2010
    • Vermeulen, A., & Maranan, D. (2009a). Biomodd [LBA2]. Exhibit/Interactive installation, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Manila, Philippines. Retrieved from www.biomodd.net
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    • Vermeulen, A., Maranan, D. S., Steyaert, P., & Biomodd London Chapter. (2015, July). Biomodd [LDNw]. Exhibit/Interactive installation presented at the Create Space London, London, UK.


    • Artist in residence, Green Papaya Art Projects, Quezon City, Philippines. (2008)
    • Associate artist in residence, DanceLab, Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver, Canada. (2007)
    • Visiting artist/researcher, DPrime Research, Vancouver, Canada. (2012)


    • I’m Sorry Because It’s Useful (2011). The Interplay Projects, MACC Studio Theatre. Vancouver, Canada. Direction, performance.
    • Invisible Minority Report (2010). Jeremy Turner, Diego Maranan. The Gate, Second Life. Performance intervention in conjunction with 8th Shanghai Biennale.
    • v2.0 (2009). Performed by Airdance Dance Company. 4th WiFi Body International Contemporary Dance Festival, Cultural Center of the Philippines. Choreography.
    • Promises are Made to be Broken (2009). Donna Miranda, Diego Maranan, Lena Cobangbang, Angelo Suarez, Mia Cabalfin. Green Papaya Art Projects, Quezon City, Philippines. Performance, co-direction.
    • Reckless Acts (2008). Donna Miranda, Diego Maranan, Regina Lasam. Green Papaya Art Projects, Quezon City, Philippines. Choreography, performance.
    • Drive (2007) (Dance for film). Jane Osborne, Diego Maranan, Vanessa Mayrand. Screenings in Hungary, Brazil, Canada, Philippines. Performance.
    • bOdy bOUnD: Showing (2007). Jennifer Clarke, Diego Maranan, Sara Coffin, Phil Thompson. The Dance Centre, Vancouver, Canada. Performance, co-creation.
    • Promises Are Made to be Broken (2006).  Mae Bayot, Jay Cruz, Tess Jamias, Regina Lasam, Diego Maranan, Donna Miranda. Lumiere Gallery, Manila, Philippines. Performance.
    • The Role I Should Have Done (2006). Antony Rizzi’s Moving Productions. Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Austria, Vienna. Performance.
    • Rio (2006). Diego Maranan, Deanna Peters, Jocelyn Wong. Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. Choreography.
    • second law (2005). Diego Maranan, Lori Macdonald, Vanessa Mayrand, Jocelyn Wong, Benjamin Carson, Stina Hanson, Daniel Anderson. In 12 Minutes Max. Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada. Choreography.
    • The Boot Danube (2005). Choregraphy by Kathryn Ricketts. Roundhouse Community Theatre, Vancouver, Canada. Performance.
    • The Spell Remains (2005). Choreography by Martha Carter/marta marta HoP. Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver, Canada. Performance.
    • EARTH=Home (2005). Choreography by Judith Marcuse. EARTH = Home Festival, Vancouver, Canada. Performance.
    • Prelude. Fugue. (2005). Diego Maranan, Maryanne Wong. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada. Choreography.
    • Teklado (1994). (Film) Direction by Raymond Red. Manila, Philippines. Performance.


    Public talks (selected)

    • Maranan, D. S. (2009, January). Visualizing Data: Making Sense of an Information-Rich World. Talk presented at the Kape+Tecknolohiya, Ayala Technology  Business Incubator.
    • Maranan, D. S. (2011, November). Illusion Styles Dance. Talk presented at the Fete dela Wsk! International Festival for Post-Music and Digital Culture, Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines.
    • Maranan, D. S. (2016, September). Why I’m Making Vibrating Underwear. Talk presented at the Interesting 2016, Conway Hall, London, UK.

    Facilitation (Selected)

    • Moving Through Trauma: Dance and Theatre games for Therapy (2007, 2008). Justice for Children International. Various locations in the Philippines.
    • Facilitators’ Training Workshop (2008). Co-facilitated with Aida Santos. National Transmission Corporation, Philippines. Manila, Philippines.
    • Movement and Theatre Games (2008). Co-facilitated with Aida Santos. Advocates for Fair Trade Philippines. Baguio, Philippines.
    • Living with the Body (2007). Co-facilitated with Donna Miranda. United Nations International Labor Organization. Cavite, Philippines.
    • Movement and Theatre Games (2005). Judith Marcuse Projects/Kazenoko Theater. Tokyo, Japan.
    • Movement and Theatre Games (2003). Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group. Gibson, BC, Canada.

    Teaching and course development

    • MMS 100: Introduction to Multimedia Studies (course development + course facilitation), 2008-2009
    • MMS 171: Text in Multimedia (course development + course facilitation), 2009
    • MMS 143: Introduction to Multimedia Computing (course development), 2010
    • MMS 198: New Media Art (course development + course facilitation), 2010
    • EDDE 221: Design and Evaluation of Multimedia Technologies (course development), 2009
    • TECH 101: Communication Teamwork and Collaborative Process (teaching assistant), 2009

    Honours, Grants, Awards, and Scholarships (selected)

    • Marie Skłodowska-Curie-funded PhD Fellowship (2014-2017)
    • Gordon Shrum International Entrance Scholarship (1998-2002)
    • MITACS ACCELERATE Internship (2010)
    • Lester B. Pearson United World College scholarship (1996-1998)
    • Hack the Brain, First Prize (2016): A 3-day hackathon organised by Waag Society, Total Active Media, Donders Instituut, and the University of Twente.
    • Prizes were awarded based on projects’ artistic value, scientific merit, and commercial potential.
    • Holy Body Tattoo Emerging Artist Award, Honourable Mention (2005): A major award for emerging dance artists in British Columbia, Canada
    • Dean’s List, Simon Fraser University (2005)
    • Oblation Scholarship offer, University of the Philippines (1996): Awarded to the top 50 of university entrance examinees.

    Employment history (selected)

    Assistant Professor
    Faculty of Information and Communication Studies
    University of the Philippines Open University
    November 2007 – Present

    Marie Curie Research Fellow
    Plymouth University, UK
    April 2014 – April 2017

    Co-Founder and Principal
    Curiosity Design Research Collective, Manila, Philippines
    September 2012 – Present

    Information Developer
    SAP Labs Vancouver/Business Objects, Canada
    May 2004 – August 2004, July 2005 – April 2006, February 2012 – December 2012