Diego S. Maranan


Through technology research and intermedia artistic practice, I investigate, critique, and reimagine the relationship between humans and the world we inhabit. My work is eclectic, ranging from exploring how digital technologies are changing the way we move as well as perceive human movement, to co-creating socially-engaged art installation that finds meaningful relationships between plants, computers and people. As a Marie Curie PhD research fellow at the CogNovo programme at Plymouth University, I am designing designing wearable technologies for facilitating body awareness in order to influence physical behaviour and cognitive functioning. I teach at the University of the Philippines Open University; advise for WeDpro, a feminist nonprofit that empowers marginalized women and youth in the Philippines; co-foundedCuriosity, a Manila-based design strategy firm; and co-convened SEAD, an interplanetary network of multidisciplinary individuals working in art, science, engineering and advocacy.